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Charlie Helmick for a Better and Stronger Illinois! 

My name is Charlie Helmick and I'm announcing my run for the Illinois House of Representatives in the 72nd District. The reason I am running is because I am a parent. As a parent I want to provide a better future for my grandchildren down the road into our future. We cannot afford to mortgage our mistakes and financial problems so they have to deal with it later. As you know we are suffering from too much governmental control influencing our everyday lives. 

Meanwhile, we are being taxed to death. This is not acceptable. Our kids are being taught sex education with SB818. Our children are now social experiments. Let them be kids again. Our Police are attacked by activist Politicians. Now criminals have more rights than innocent citizens. Our economy is broken. Inflation is sky high. Taxes are increasing to pay for needless social programs while our pension will go and fail. I will protect our pensions. Crime is out of control. We need more enforcement to prevent crime. I want to provide better care for our seniors. Giving them the tools they need to live comfortably instead of fighting just to stay alive. 

I want better care for our veterans. For too long they have been neglected. Just look at the Veteran nursing home fiasco. I want better care for our seniors and better access to healthcare for women. I also want to lower taxes and rebuild Illinois through infrastructure and financial stability. It's time to rebuild our economy. My plan includes bringing back business that will fuel our economy and bring back jobs. I also believe in term limits. I will fight corruption. Illinois can find itself back to how great it once was. 

Because of inaction and misdeeds our elected leaders have failed us. It's time for a new generation of honest citizens built up of parents to run and actually represent our communities. It's all about the children. No parent should have to lose their child. It's about prevention not intervention. That is why I will be introducing legislation to provide better programs and training for our children. To cut off access to crime, drugs and gang activity. Our parents will become more involved. It starts when they are young. When you help them become honest citizens that in itself will cut off the flow of violence including shootings and homicide. I look forward to being your voice to finally give the representation that you deserve for the sake of our children's future. New days are coming for a better Illinois and the future of our children!

Charlie Helmick, Candidate for Illinois House 

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