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Meet Charlie

My name is Charlie Helmick, and I'm running for Illinois Representative.  I'm a husband of 32 years, to my beautiful wife. A father of five, with seven grandchildren. As a husband, father and grandfather, I want what's best for my family. I am a small business owner selling insurance with my wife. I have an office in Silvis close to home. I also worked for FedEx for thirty years. Many know me as the “FedEx Man” I have gotten to know many families in the 72nd District. As a lifelong resident of the Quad Cities, I understand whats going on with our economy first hand. I've had many friends lose their jobs. That is why I'm running to make a difference. To fix our economy, bring back good jobs to the 72nd district.  We need a secure and safer Illinois. As a REPUBLICAN, I cherish our conservative values, lower taxes, jobs and smaller government. We need to Rebuild and Restore Illinois, cutting the red tape, while bringing infrastructure and projects back to our great state. I don't believe in bailouts, but fiscal responsibility and to address our pension crisis and resolve it.

Furthermore, I served in the United States Marine Corps, our country's elite combat force, and I choose to serve again. Battling to preserve our American values and defending the Constitution and our 2nd amendment rights. As a former Law enforcement officer and a veteran of Homeland Security, I have seen local and national security threats firsthand.   I want to challenge the criminals causing havoc here in Illinois and across the nation, passing laws that create more accountability. Stiffer jail penalties. Protecting our Police and Public Safety professionals. We demand to rid our courts of activists judges and prosecutors that have taken the side of the thugs over the victims of violent crime. I believe that when violent criminals commit crimes against the innocent that they are punished with prison time instead of being given a pass. It's time that they serve 80% of their sentences instead of early releases. If you do the crime then you do the time! 

Join my fight and support my mission. We will go to Springfield so together we can create a difference. I am no empty suit or career politician. Like you I love my state and country. I'm willing to set aside my successful business to serve you, Illinois, and this great nation. Let's start by registering here to join my E-mail list for upcoming events and newsletters. Vote for me, and we will make the 72nd District great again. Thank you for supporting my mission!

Charlie Helmick
Candidate for Illinois House

Committee to Elect Charlie Helmick
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